Rosterpocalypse is an entirely fan-made website to create and manage fantasy teams of eSports players participating in the Heroes Global Championship for Blizzard's game - Heroes of the Storm . It is in no way directly affiliated or endorsed by Blizzard. Please feel free to send any feedback you might have to rosterpocalypse AT gmail.com, we'd love to hear it!

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Q1. What is Rosterpocalypse? link
Rosterpocalypse is a Heroes of the Storm fantasy eSports team building website which allows you to create and manage your own rosters of 5 professional players over the course of the 4 main regional tournaments in the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship circuit. There might also be short seasons for events like the inter-region clashes and the mid-season brawl.

Q2. How do I create a new Roster? link
Simply click on the "Create Roster" link on the main page or in the "Rosters" section. The only 2 limitations to creating rosters are:

Q3. How do I populate my Roster with players? Are there any limitations? link
Add players via the "manage" Roster page. There are a few criteria that all rosters must satisfy:

Q4. Once my Roster has been created, how do I manage it over the course of the tournament? link
Every week (called a Gameweek) you are allowed to make one player transfer, as long as you continue to adhere to the limitations listed above. Once all your transfers have been made, your Roster will be locked in for that Gameweek.

Q5. How are points allocated? link
Points per game are allocated based on player role according to the following rules, and then averaged across all games played that week (to ensure that there is no advantage for having played more games):
Assassin/Flex Warrior Support
Kills +2 +1 +1
Assists +1 +1 +1
Time Dead -1 per 20s -1 per 30s -1 per 30s
Win +2 +2 +2

Q6. What if one of the players in my Roster gets substituted or is unable to play in the expected match? link
In this case, the points that the sub scores will be transferred to the player who was substituted.

Q7. What are "Leagues"? link
Leagues are where you compare your Roster's performance over the course of the season against other players. There are two types of leagues:

Q8. What if the season has already started, can I still join? link
Yes! Your Roster will be added to a private league which contains all rosters created in that week, so you can match yourself with other players who also missed the same number of games.

Q9. What happens at the end of a tournament? link
Once the tournament is completed, the final points are tallied and prizes will be awarded to the players with the highest overall score for the tournament in that season! Only Rosters in the main Public League for the tournament will be considered eligible. The exact nature of the prizes will be announced closer to the completion date.

Q10. When will points be updated? link
Player points will be updated once per Gameday, after all games have been completed. Roster scores will only be updated once per Gameweek, after all scheduled games have been completed.

Q11. Will player values change over the course of the season? link
No, this is a system that we want to have in place for future seasons, but for Season 1, player points will only change once in the middle of the season, before the Eastern/Western Clash Tournaments. Along with this, all rosters will be granted additional transfer slots to make any adjustments necessary to remain below the max points threshold.

Q12. What is the Player "Efficiency" rating on the Gameweek stats page? link
Efficiency is a measure of how close a player was to having the "perfect" rating, which is defined as having the highest points achieved in that Gameweek for the lowest player value.

Taking a hypothetical situation where of a Gameweek where the maximum points scored by a player was 25 and the lowest valued player was 85, then our efficiency factor would be 25/85 (approximately 0.29). Then, for each player we take their actual points and value and divide that by the efficiency factor to get the final Efficiency rating. For example, a player that scored 15 points and had a value of 100 would get an efficiency rating of (15/100)/(25/85), which is 0.51, or 51%.

Future Improvements

While the basic functionality of the site is complete we have some more ideas and enhancements in the works which should give you more options to customise your team and improve your scores, including:

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